The Gertrude+Gaston story begins with a meeting: the meeting of two temperaments, of two people with very different but complementary skills. For Gertrude, life is about passion – passion for fashion, clothing and well-tailored cuts. For Gaston, it’s about the search for high-tech and innovative fabrics and materials.

 It all makes sense when you see them together. While Gaston enthuses about the new technical fabric he found from a Japanese manufacturer with a totally unique feel and breathable fibres, Gertrude waxes lyrical about the nearly infinite style possibilities that its supple texture allows. When Gertrude’s sketches land on Gaston’s desk, he assigns the properties and fabrics to every model. G+G collections are a concentrated selection of the latest trends and ultra-modern textile techniques.


G+G pushes every last boundary to create outerwear pieces with enhanced details, extraordinary style and the latest fabric innovations available.

Gertrude draws inspiration from her passion for fashion, encounters, lectures and a keen eye for detail. She travels the globe and scours the catwalks from Paris to Milan, Tokyo, London and New York, where she cultivates a very French aesthetic of finesse, nuance and boldness. 


Gaston innovates by breathing life into fabrics commonly found in elite and extreme sports. That’s his thing. He fine tunes his intuition and finds inspiration while skiing in the mountains or diving in the ocean. Intuition is what guides him, and he puts all his energy into realizing his ideas and plans to showcase Gertrude’s designs and produce only the best for the Gertrude+Gaston brand.


By giving their names to the brand, Gertrude and Gaston are sharing their desire to take outerwear design to the next level. Gertrude+Gaston is a never-ending quest for comfort, style and technical excellence.


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